How to start your own ORGANIZATION


If you find that the student organizations at CBS don’t quite cover an area that you are interested in, you have the chance to make your own organization.

The process is easy:

  1.  Firstly, we advise you to investigate closely whether none of the existing organizations already covers part of what you  are interested in. In this case you just contact the organization. You can find the contact info at CBSS’ website/student organizations

  2. If not, the second step is to investigate whether some of your fellow students at CBS could be interested in your idea for a new organization. Ask your classmates and others, and find at least 10-12 people who would be willing to join the organization. The organization must be run by CBS students for CBS students. And the activities must in some way make the student environment better

  3. Lastly, you just come down to the CBS Students’ office or send us an email at sekretariat@cbsstudents.dk letting us know that you want to start and organization. Then we will   give you advice about all the official legal requirements of starting an organization at CBS. We will guide you through writing your statutes, assembling a board and setting up your organization. We can also help you with ideas for engaging other students.

  When these things are done you have started a new student organization at CBS.