Who We Are

HA-Invest is an investment society founded in 1966, and is funded by previous and current students through share-based ownership. Students can buy into the organisations capital through purchase of a share which comes with a voting right whenever the society purchase and sell stocks and decide the future board member at our annual general meeting. The stocks HA-Invest invest in are solely listed on Oslo stock exchange, and our goal is to further knowledge and interest about the stock market and it`s function. 

What We Do

HA-Invest conducts weekly meetings where we discuss market movements, sectors and potential buy/sell candidates. The meetings are every Thursday at 7 pm at Solbjerg Plads and the meetings are held in Norwegian.

How To Join

There are no prerequisite of being a member of HA-Invest to attend our weekly meetings, and anyone are welcome to join. Shares in the society are bought through our treasurer, and information on how to buy shares are given at our weekly meetings.