Who We Are

Digi-Talks CBS is part of Digi-Talks, which consists of a group of committed and engaged students from several different Danish universities both DTU, ITU, KU and CBS. Through our studies and experiences, we see that digitalization affect all levels of society and  business. In Digi-Talks we aim to critically address both the possibilities and challenges of the growing digitization throughout society.

What We Do

Through a wide variety of initiatives, we seek to create awareness about the impact of digitalization in society and business for univeristy students. Our main outlet is made up of events that focusses on showing ways that digitalization is being used and what some of the future consequences are. Besides hosting digitalization events, we also offer insights and updates of the digital frontier through our news feature on this website, our Facebook page and on Instagram.

How To Join

Are you interested in being part of Digi-Talks - then send an application and a CV to apply@digi-talks.dk. We will then invite you to a personal interview.