CPH Management Consulting Club

Who We Are

CPH Management Consulting Club has one main goal, which is to prepare students for a career in management consulting. This preparation is facilitated through close relationships between CPH Management Consulting Club and a number of top-tier consulting firms.

What We Do

A membership in CPH Management Consulting Club offers great insights into management consulting by providing members with access to content focused events and networking sessions. This includes skill seminars, case workshops, company visits, and informal social gatherings, where members will get the opportunity to meet their talented peers and some of the industry’s high-caliber professionals. 

How To Join

Hard working students with great problem solving capabilities are of great interest for our consulting partners, and CPH Management Consulting Club provides you with the opportunity to showcase and build upon your skills. We encourage every student with interest in management consulting to apply for membership and join our club. We accept applications twice a year - in spring and in fall. Visit our website to find out when and how to apply.