CBS Climate Club

Who We Are

The goal of CBS Climate Club is to engage students in integrating environmental sustainability as a part of both their personal and professional lives, in order to address the challenges of climate change.

 What We Do

Our focus is on three core areas: personal awareness, greener campus and sustainable business.

 Personal awareness consists of broader campaigns across campus to help educate and guide students on how to reduce their negative impact on the environment. The awareness will be strengthened through online and on-campus campaigns as well as events of both social and educational character.

We envisage CBS to become one of the most environmental and sustainable campi in Denmark. This goal will partly be achieved by giving students the possibility of making sustainable decisions from their options in the canteen to where they can recycle their trash. 

The most important part of the club centers around sustainable business. We have a clear focus on educating the leaders of tomorrow of the importance of integrating sustainability in modern businesses, and to help them understand how this could be accomplished. In this area of the association, we imagine great possibilities of collaborating with both companies, who have implemented sustainability into their business model, as well as other university associations with a similar focus as us. Activities will include talks on sustainable business management and investment, case competitions, company visits, and debates.