International Debate CBS

Who We Are

International Debate CBS (ID CBS) is an organization run by students. We want to bring the world of business and politics closer to people and highlight relevant international affairs. Our mission is to inform and engage the youth and provide a platform where participation and critical thinking is welcome. By covering topics from the US-election to the arctic drill, we aim to include a diverse variety of issues. 

How do we do it? By organizing Panel Debates, Seminars, and Study Trips. Panel Debates and Seminars are local events where experts are invited to discuss and debate the chosen topic. The study trips are organized by members and open to all students. We have an annual trip to Brussels and a variety of other destinations from year to year.

Our Board is democratically elected at the general assemblies. The six board members are in charge of the day-to-day management and the visionary work of the organization. Smaller event groups and work tasks are issued to active members of the organization to ensure a valuable experience for every member.

Are you interested in international affairs and business in a global perspective? Join us and engage with this interest by working together with students from all over CBS to organize panel debates, study trips and meetings with ambassadors and international organizations. With ID CBS you can explore a wide variety of international issues ranging from cultural challenges in emerging markets to the effects of international trade agreements. If you have the drive to start projects and see them through then join in and help us ask the right questions to the right people. ID CBS is your chance to work together with a strong network of students from both CBS, KU and Lund whilst getting hands-on experience with e.g. project management, PR and fundraising and, thus, building organizational skills that can be very valuable for your future career.