CBS Debating Society

Who We Are

CBS Debating Society has several facets:
1. We organise debates at CBS from a range of topics, namely politics, economics, philosophy, religion, social issues (and many more) using distinguished debaters to bring forward their best arguments to answer your questions.
2. We organise training practices where all participants can learn to debate by training rhetoric, body language, argument formulation (and more) to use in their day to day life or - more academically - in a debating tournament!
3. We are going to tournaments representing CBS and Denmark all over Europe and the rest of the world.


 What We Do

We meet every Wednesday 17:00-19;30, where we have a topical presentation followed by a debate in British Parliamentary (BP) style. The debates will be judged by those not debating, and they will tell how the debate went and who won (the call). Afterwards those interested usually go out to eat or drink afterwards. Furthermore we also go to tournaments all over the world, and host our own Copenhagen Open tournament in the spring.

How to Join

Come to one of our weekly Wednesday sessions at 17.00 at CBS. More information on our facebook page: