CBS Case Competition

Who We Are

CBS Case Competition is one of the most prominent undergraduate case competitions in the world. We connect students and companies in solving real life challenges. Every year students from around the globe have a chance to participate in finding the most fruitful solution for a business which is facing a challenging task. The participating team will exercise skills and knowledge on a “real world” case together, and they are tasked with assessing the situation facing the organization, analyzing available information, crafting a solution, and defending their recommendations in front of a jury with experienced consultants and case-solvers.


What We Do

Established in 2002, CBS Case Competition has developed a unique case concept, with a focus on engaging students and partners through a common forum every year in week 9. In everything we do, we aim to connect people from various backgrounds, and facilitate a learning opportunity for those involved. This provides a framework focused on growing people in a collective manner.