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cbs students print

CBS Students Print was created by students who thought that the CBS printing facility was too expensive and complicated, with the goal to ensure that all students are able to print their documents anywhere on campus at a reasonable price. Printers are located at all campus buildings, which allows students to print at all times of day and safeguards that no one misses their masters hand-in deadline due to the printer being out of toner. The Campus Desk staff assists by providing technical guidance in the case that the printer is causing trouble. You can also email Please read the terms and conditions before setting up. 

Important information: If you are experiencing problems with scanning, please address your issues to CBS Students office at Solbjerg Plads.

Notice: CBS is shutting down the power from Sunday 10 November at 19.00 to Monday 11 November at 09.00. Hence, it will not be possible to use the printers at this time.


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Getting Started

 1. Set up your PRINT account

 2. Download the printer driver to your computer.

 3. Deposit money to your PRINT account (NOTICE the prices are raised: 0.65 DKK/b&w; 1.35 DKK/color)

 4. Activate your PRINT account


How to print

 1. Send the document(s) to the PRINTers

- Open the print-dialogue in the document – Shortcuts are typically CTRL+P for Windows and Command+P for Mac
- Choose “CBSS Web Black” or “CBSS Web Color”
- Click “OK”  to send the document(s) to the chosen printer – All CBS Students PRINTers will receive the document(s)

 2. Printing documents

- Go to a CBS Students PRINTer (Find the nearest one!)
- Swipe your student ID across the card reader and press the “Print all” icon on the screen

Mac ”Filter failed” error message

If you receive this error message when trying to print in black and white, install the file Xerox Printer Software Update 4.1 found on this page