CBS Students' Anniversary Celebration

TV Screen - 10yr.jpg

This year we celebrate a number of anniversaries at CBS and CBS Students. 50 years ago the student rebellion enabled students everywhere to gain influence on decisions regarding their studies and student life. This student influence has lead to the representation in all official bodies of CBS that we enjoy today.

We also celebrate the 30th birthday of the canteens at CBS . Since being founded by a group of students in 1988 Spisestuerne has been providing the students great food coupled with long opening hours and a wide selection whilst at the same time being 100 % non-profit and student owned.

Another anniversary to celebrate is the 18th birthday of Café Nexus. The café serves as study space during the day and is our very own bar during the night. Every Thursday night, Café Nexus transforms into the largest party venue in town and hosts famous artists and students by the thousands. On other nights, various student groups organise a wide range of events tailored to their specific needs. We are proud that Café Nexus is now old enough to buy its own beer.

Lastly, it is 10 years ago that the two students unions at CBS merged into one, called CBS Students. During that decade we have been fighting for the students' interests in various ways, which is exemplified by some of the facilities we provide all students; Spisestuerne, Café Nexus, Print, and CBS Collection. Besides the students represented in all official bodies of CBS, who can run on our list at the annual election, the elected leadership of CBS Students has regular meetings with all units of CBS. In everything we do, we strive to improve conditions for all students both academically and socially. We are for the students, by the students!

Join the celebration and enjoy free cake from Spisestuerne and free beers from Café Nexus on December 6th, from 16:00 at Café Nexus.