CBS to cut 400 study spots

 Photo: Bjarke MacCarthy / CBS

Photo: Bjarke MacCarthy / CBS

The Danish government has mandated a lower number of international students in Denmark, and as a result, CBS has to cut 400 study spots on the masters’ level next year (link in Danish).

CBS Students considers this to be a terrible decision with consequences that are not clear yet.

It is clear that the Minister of Education, Tommy Ahlers, does not understand the value that international students bring to CBS, in terms of contributions to the study environment, perspectives offered in the classroom, and ultimately to the Danish economy. 

The government has been concerned that the rate of international students leaving Denmark after graduation is high, but this cannot (and should not) be the solution to this problem! Instead, more effort should be put into making Denmark a place where international students can and want to stay.

This is a clear example of why student influence on political decisions is important - so remember to vote for your study board and academic council representatives next week! Go to to see the candidates.

Jeppe Ask Tofteskov
CBS Students President