In 2018, the CBS Students Board of Directors and the CBS Students Presidency reviewed the “CBS Students’ Mission and Vision & Goals and Strategies of 2018-2020”. Here, we outline the "CBS Students’ Mission and Vision & Goals and Strategies of 2018-2020”. The information below provides insight into CBS Students and how we want to develop the organization. We hope that you take the time to read it, and tell us what you think. As a student of CBS, this is just as much your project as it is ours. We greatly value any feedback, questions and/or comments.


1 Mission – Why are we here?

CBS Students works to make CBS a better university for the students. For CBS Students a better university entails a university that among other things:

• Involves its students in decisions that affect their education and study-life

• Creates and offers quality education that meets the expectations of the students

• Ensures a framework for a good study environment for all students


2. Vision – Where are we going?

CBS Students is the Student Union at CBS. We will be independent, non-partisan, and unite all students in the fight for their interests and rights. We want every student to be engaged in improving their lives and CBS Students must be the facilitator, enhancer, and actor for all students.


3. Goals – How do we achieve our vision?

CBS Students has chosen the following six concrete goals to achieve our vision.

Facilities: Create and develop healthy businesses to benefit the students and their interests.

Qualification: Ensure quality in work, cooperation and relations.

Student Politics: CBS Students must be visible, available, and function as a student political voice for all students at CBS.

Student Society & Organizations: The Student Societies creates value for the students at CBS, and therefore CBS Students must be the value-adding hub for these.

Volunteers: The volunteers create results for the students at CBS. In return CBS Students must create value for the volunteers.


4. Strategies – How do we reach our goals?

Facilities: CBS Students exhibits active and professional leadership in its facilities with a focus on value-adding activities and results for the students through closed economic circuits (not for profit). Qualification: CBS Students must be a preferred partner through the organizations' and individuals’ proficient, qualified and constructive behavior. CBS Students works on a long-term basis, to secure the organization, facilitate continuity and knowledge sharing through a professional Secretariat. CBS Students creates the best value through constructive cooperation, both towards our internal commitments at CBS as well as towards our external commitments.

Students Broadly: Through a communication strategy and a clearly defined profile, all students at CBS should be well informed, represented, and always feel encouraged and welcome to learn more and be involved in the work and politics of CBS Students. Student Politics: CBS Students engages in relevant, inclusive, enlightening, non-partisan, and active student politics in and outside CBS, in open fora where possible. We continually seek to support our elected students, as well as students in general.

Student Society Organizations: CBS Students must proactively facilitate the Student Society & Organizations by supporting momentum, development, initiatives and projects. CBS Students must do so in a continuous, confidence-inspiring, and participatory manner. Volunteers: CBS Students must, in an accommodating, confidence-inspiring and inclusive way, create a framework that allows every volunteer to develop via the organization.

5. Values - How we achieve our mission and vision?





CBS Students cares and involves themselves in matters of concern for the students and the student environment, bearing in mind also to have fun. We will at all times work enthusiastically in the interest of the students.

CBS Students’ commitment is built on a clear sense of responsibility, quality, and, professionalism. We value our stakeholders and always act with dedication.

CBS Students is inclusive by taking care of all students and their interests. CBS Students will always work towards full transparency and diversity.

CBS Students must always be conscious of its role and therefore how attention, respect, and tolerance.