Who We Are

CBS MOTORS is founded by a group of petrolheads, who wants to share our passion for cars/motorcycle/racing with other students at CBS. Our goal is to create a community where enthusiasts can meet.

What We Do

The purpose of CBS MOTORS is to establish interpersonal connections between students of CBS with interest in cars, motorcycles and racing. In order to reach our goal, we arrange and attend car meets, car/ motorcycle shows, organize tours to relevant petrolhead related happenings within the country and perhaps abroad as well. We also work on getting deals to do affordable karting and track days. Lastly, we work with Dansk Motorsport to invite speakers/racing legends to come speak about their lifestyle and experiences.

Join us

No subscription is needed. Follow us on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter in order to stay updated on our events. Feel free to write us a message on Facebook if you would like to help with organizing events.