I just joined my Study Board. What do I do?

Talk to your fellow study board members. They may have experience and there might even be a handbook which they can give you. Otherwise you are always welcome to contact us.

What do I do VIP will not treat the students as equal members of the Study Board?

The Study Boards consists of an equal amount of student and faculty members. It is important to keep in mind that you are there for a reason and should be on equal footing. Coordinating with your other student representatives is a good place to start. If not contact CBS Students and we can make sure that the students are treated with respect on the board.

How do I gather input from students from all year groups?

It is a good idea to have representatives from as many years as possible in the Study Board. Utilize Quality Boards or course representatives to gather student opinions. Communicating through Facebook groups or other social media can also be very helpful.

I am going on exchange or finishing my degree. What do I do?

Let your Study Board know as soon as you know that you are going to be away from CBS. If your Study Board has an alternate, he/she will take your place. Otherwise there will need to be a by-election. It is always helpful if you can encourage fellow students to run for the by-election. Please inform us if you are no longer going to be in the Study Board.

What is a good Study Board Member?

Good study board members often have several traits or practices that help them succeed:

  • Learning the issues facing study boards in general and more specifically what is happening now.

  • Coordinating and preparing with co-study board members, so that you can speak with one coherent voice on important matters.

  • You are more than welcome to join some of the training sessions, info or insight on what you can or should do as a study board member by contacting CBS Students.


What are the responsibilities or rights of quality boards?

It is CBS policy that all programs must have a quality board. Some programs use other means of ensuring quality in courses than quality boards – e.g. they may have course or year representatives. If your program does not have any of these, talk to your study board to initiate a process of setting up a quality board. Contact student representatives from other programs or us to get help.

What is a Quality Board?

Quality boards have different forms from program to program. Some are not even called quality boards but are referred to as e.g. course/year representatives. Generally speaking quality boards exist to ensure quality of education and communication between students, course coordinators, and the study board.


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