Who We Are

CBS AID is a non-profit student organization. It is our mission to empower students in Denmark to take action in order to help children in need across the world by collaborating with humanitarian partners. Together with UNICEF, we focus on turning kids in Bangladesh into students, keep them in School and ensure they get quality education.

What We Do

To help as many children as possible, we bring students together with businesses across industries to do sponsored events in order to fundraise money for a better education for vulnerable children in Bangladesh. By supporting humanitarian projects through fundraising, collaborations and awareness creation, student-members can achieve real-life professional experiences within these areas.

Join Us

1) Make a one time donation fee of 50 DKK here & save your receipt.

2) Send us your donation-receipt, CV and a half-page motivational letter ( about what your interests are and how you want to help CBS AID. The motivational letter is not binding for what you can work with, but gives us great insights into who you are and how you can contribute.

3) Check your email! We are looking forward to working with you.

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