CBS Outdoor & Adventure

Who We Are

CBS Outdoor & Adventure is on a mission to unite Copenhagen Business School students that enjoy outdoor and extreme sports. We hope to be the place for people to discover new sports, find themselves a climbing partner, or get a regular dose of excitement, fear-facing and adrenaline through events and trips. 

What We Do

We enjoy all of the elements: wind, water and earth. Whether it's longboarding, kitesurfing, trail-running, mountain biking, kayaking, standup paddle-boarding or [insert outdoor sport here], we do get-together sessions, go to film festivals and gather for regular dinners to share stories and plan new projects. Moreover, we are planning to keep the business side in the mix and visit local companies such as Red Bull, Endomondo to learn more about the industry and the people behind them.

Join Us

We welcome both, regular outdoor lovers and people who would like to get into it. You can become a part of the organization by filling out this form:

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