What you get

Have the time of your life: Be a Volunteer

Hundreds of students daily commit themselves to volunteer activities to make your life at CBS a lot more fun. Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but some of the biggest and coolest events at CBS are entirely planned, developed and executed by active volunteer students. Think of the CBS Case Competition, the Annual University Election, wine tastings, movie showings, guest-speaker seminars and sustainability workshops. All of these are volunteer activities.

Though all of this might seem a bit extraordinary and beyond your personal capabilities – after all we do have to study – we strongly recommend all students to engage themselves in volunteer activities. Most of the volunteer jobs at CBS are highly flexible and can easily be combined with an otherwise busy student calendar. Though you wont get paid you needn’t worry, voluntary work is one of the best investments you will ever do.

In short, we strongly encourage you to become a volunteer sooner than later. There are loads of interesting possibilities at CBS and we promise that you wont regret it!

Three Reasons for becoming a Volunteer

1. Employability and Qualifications - Priceless Experience

First of all, the activities and projects that you will be engaged in are guaranteed to give you a lot of practical experience. This is priceless in relation to your studies. Having experience tasks such as marketing, project leadership, fund raising, event planning and others will also give you extremely valuable experience in the future. In short, being a volunteer teaches you something the world’s best education can’t teach you.

Committing yourself to voluntary work will give you an advantage towards your peers when applying for jobs. Employers value the volunteer spirit as it tells them something about your personal character, your mentality and your ambition to learn and develop. Having worked without being paid says a lot about a person's values, and employers are eager to work with those kind of people. In other words : it also gives you CV Value.

2. Friendship and Fun - build a Fantastic Network

You will be working together with students across the study lines, getting to know peers that you would normally not get a chance to meet and please rest asssure that we always make sure to have lots of fun on the way!

Being a volunteer you are destined to meet awesome people, people that are very likely to help you not just with the student life, but also with future career plans or other challenges you might encounter. New friendships arise and your network will increase, as you become part of the vibrant, active and international voluntary student environment at CBS.

You will build yourself a network for life.

3. Make a Difference - set your Mark!

Lastly, having committed yourself to contribute will have an impact that counts. Not only for those you meet and work with, but also for the many other thousands of students at CBS. Now and in the future. No matter how many hours you can put into it or what qualifications you wish to invest, YOUR effort matters and improves the Study Environment of CBS.

What can I actually do?

The short answer is : Anything. But for your inspiration we list below some of the most likely competences you can learn or take in use.

- Project Management; Your are responsible! Learn to manage a project with budget, project plan, other volunteers, a steering comitee, minutes etc.

- Project work; take a part of the responsibilty in a project, without being the overall Project Manager

- Take part in runing a Student Organization  - depending on your interest you can join CBS Students, CBS Sport, AIESEC, CBS Wine,  CBS Hunting Club or one of the other more than 60 interest based Student Organizations at CBS - see <link til Student Organizations>.

- Budgetting, forecasting, analysis etc.

- Marketing and Sales

- Communication

- Establishing your own Student Organization! Do you have a special interest and cannot find an organization that  matches, feel free to start you own Student Organization. CBS Students Secretariat helps you get started

- Consultancy; internally or externally

- Student Politics, see more

- Leadership; even if you have only taken upon you a part of a bigger responsibilty, you will most likely be required to coordinate with others, deal with CBS Administration etc.

- Negotiating

- Practical tasks, Coordination and Execution

- Event and Party Making

- Fund Raising