Vision, Values and Formalities

What is CBS Students?

CBS Students is the Student Organization at CBS; entirely run by voluntary students.
CBS Students represents every student at CBS, is the spokesman for and caretaker of all students of CBS regardsless of your study line, gender, nationality, interest etc. CBS Students is party politically independent tirelessly working for making CBS a cooler University both academically and socially.

Formalities - an overview

CBS Students is an Association (almen nyttig Forening) ruled by the Statutes (Vedtægter) which you can find here.

The CBS Students Board is elected at the Annual General Assembly (General Forsamling). Every student at CBS is encouraged to participate in the General Assembly typically held end of November. Any student can stand as a candidate to the Board of CBS Students.

CBS Students Annual Account for the latest fiscal year (January - December) can be seen here.

CBS Students is the sole owner of Cafeerne ApS and Spisestuerne ApS and appoints both boards in the entities.  Also CBS Students appoints members of the Board in SL Fonden and CBS Wire.

Information about the Board of Directors meetings

According to the Board's order of business, agendas should be publicly available no later than five business days before a board meeting.  

The agenda for each board meeting will be available here beforehand: Agenda, Board of Directors

The minutes (referat) for each meeting will be available upon request. Classified information will in this regard be removed from the minutes. 

Requests, concerning either the agenda, the minutes, or any other inquiries, should be directed at Chairman of the Board, Jonas Klint Westermann at

Mission and Vision

The latest update of the Vision and Strategies for CBS Students was agreed to in the Spring of 2015 and outlines the focus areas for the coming 3 years.

We hope that you will take the time to read it carefully, and tell us what you think. As a student of CBS, this is just as much your project as it is ours. We greatly value any feedback questions and comments.

You can see the exact wording in the Strategy Document below.

CBS Students Strategy Paper 2015-'18



CBS Students is run almost entirely by voluntary, enthusiastic students that in various degrees put time and energy into the work of improving CBS as a University in any way possible.  The Values stated below reflect this basic prerequisite.