Student Political Council

Have an impact - Join the Student Political Council

As a student at CBS, you have the privilege of participating in the Student Political Council. On a monthly basis, active students at CBS gather to discuss and determine the opinions of CBS students in regards to both local and national issues.

Come and help us establish the official opinions of CBS Students while improving your knowledge and argumentation technique. In this forum you will have the opportunity to network with other dynamic students as well as share experiences. The SPC is one of the best ways to get started with student politics. Student politicians from almost all study programmes attend - and you quickly realize how many interesting questions CBS Students deals with and how easily you can shape the student political work at CBS.

All students at CBS can attend and are encouraged to attend. You can find out when the next SPC is taking place and what it is about on CBS Students' Facebook page under events.

Take responsibilty for a Specific Area - join a workgroup

Furthermore, the SPC also distribute seats in various interesting workgroups, which discuss, implement and determine everyday business at CBS. To mention just a couple of examples students have been elected to participate in is designing CBS' new web page, reshaping the Career Center's strategy, taking active part in the National Student Union's boards, discussing improvements of the Campus Environment, negotiating for improving the webbased services of CBS etc. etc.

In the workgroups at CBS, you will be the fomal representative of the students of CBS and be an equal part of the decision proces of important issues with staff and management of CBS. You will get to know the CBS Administration and Management and how the University is run as well as you will gain experience and add competences like negotiation, presentation, argumentation toy your profile.

Students who establish close ties to the student union and provoke active participation are also eligible to receive an official letter of excellence and recommendation from CBS Students.

Take a closer look - two interesting examples

The SPC deals with a wide variety of issues. Take a look at it yourself - the SPC has dealt with our response to CBS' growth in the student population and visions for the study environment.