Student Democracy

Have your say!

CBS is not governed as any other business. In fact, every student at CBS has a unique possibility to positively affect the educational quality of their education. CBS Students works every day to involve students in the decision-making processes. In this way, we make the educational quality of CBS the best as possible – so join and be part of it!

As a student at CBS you can get your influence through different positions, which you can be elected to at the yearly University Election. See below.
At the election you can run for a position in your individual Study Board, in the Academic Council or in the Board of Directors. So take responsibility for you part of the student democracy and engage yourself. If you want to know more about your study board and when you can run write an mail to

Study Board

All study programs at CBS are directed and represented by a study board. Its primary task is that of planning, developing and ensuring the quality of the education in the specific Program. The Study Board consists of academic staff, representatives from the administration and students. 

The study board focuses on creating coherence in the study program, in regards to the portfolio of subjects offered, teaching methods, evaluations, exam types and the job market. 

The study board is the students’ chance to have influence on a local arena, and is important for all students at CBS.

Academic Council

The Academic Council is a constellation with representatives from the academic staff, management and three student representatives. It advises the President of CBS on the internal distribution of resources, on suggestions for development contracts and about central strategic matters in the realm of research and education.

The Academic Council can in general speak on all matters of vital academic importance for CBS, and play vital role on the consulting role in the organization. 


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of CBS is the highest autrhority of the University and consists of both internal CBS staff, external members from the industry and two students representatives, who all are participating in the strategic decisions at CBS.

The Board also decides on the distribution of the 1,6 billion Dkk., that CBS manages and from here determine strategies on the long term development of CBS.

With the board having the final say in decisions at CBS it the highest level of influence at CBS.

The University Election

The Danish University Law dictates a yearly university election, to appoint students to the three decision-making and agenda setting organs of CBS; Study Board, Academic Council and the Board of Directors of CBS. The election takes place in the fall semester, and voting can be done online throughout the week on A high voting percentage is crucial, as it legitimizes the candidates representing the students and thus strengthens student influence at every level. During the voting week there will be volunteers and candidates in the open hall of Solbjerg Plads, as well as Dalgas Have, to facilitate both awareness and actual voting.