The Organization


For Students by Students

At CBS Students, our work is driven by hundreds of active students who work for a better campus, educational quality and study environment through our many project groups, bodies or committees. The daily management of CBS Students consists of the presidency and our professional secretariat. Together they work to ensure continuity and support in the student political work of creating a better CBS for all students.

The Presidency

Elected by the students of CBS at the general assembly, the presidency is the head and voice of the student body. Read more about the role and tasks of the Presidency.

The Secretariat

To ensure continuity and to support the presidency and the many volunteers in their work, CBS Students employs 3 employees who can be found at the CBS Students office within working hours. They are always willing to help or answer any questions you might have. They are here for you and their door is always open. For general inquiries reach them on or 
+45 38 15 39 00.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of 10 active students and 1 alumni. The board is elected by the students of CBS at the general assembly and lay down strategies and priorities for the organization, so the daily management has a direction and clear agenda to follow. They oversee both the strategic interests of the organization as well as the work of the presidency and the secretariat to ensure that our goals and interests are being met.