The National Agenda

Challenges to be adressed

Do you agree with the Danish Government's Policy for Eudcation and Universities?

Do you find the Student Grant adequate ?

Do you approve the Danish Funding model for financing Universities?

Would you like to work for better conditions for Danish University Students, Student Housing or similar ?

Denmark is a Democracy which includes that students have a say when it comes to Education, Student Grant, Student Life, the University Law etc. Your opinion matters and CBS Studens can introduce you to the proper channels to make your mark. If you have an opinion and want to use your influence on the National Student Political Agenda, join in the work!

Send us an e-mail or pass by the office and let's talk!

Who to influence, examples

There is many ways and many channels to go by when trying to make a point. In some cases there is even more than one channel that is relevant which is why it is important to really understand the mechanisms of the student political scene. If you dont know much about it before joining, we will teach you and of course we assist you along the way.

Expand you network meeting other comitted and competent students, learn about the National Political Scene, understand the decision making process of Student Politics, improve your negotating and debating skills - take part in National Student Politics !

Interested? Pass by the Office or send us an e-mail: