Kick Start a new Idea?

CBS Students helps you

More and more students are starting up new student organizations and activities every year. In CBS Students, we try to make it as easy for you as possible.

The CBS Students Secretariat can to some extent help you with the formal and legal matters of establishing a new Association or even discuss your idea with you, before you decide to go that far.

Some of the general questions to be answered, you can find listed below. Typically we invite you to a personal meeting so that your precise idea can be discussed. You are always welcome to present your thoughts and ask for a meeting writing to


Just do it!

Why spend hours and hours setting up advanced organizations and try to figure everything out yourself?

Sometimes it's nice just to see if your idea works in reality. You can always develop and grow your organization - but in the beginning you need to see some action. CBS is sometimes a place where things take a little time - why wait or complicate things? Just do it - boost your motivation by seeing it happen.

Help is just one e-mail away

Whether you need help with formalities, have practical questions or need some feedback on the idea - CBS Students is ready to help you and to set you up with some students who have the experience you need.

Simply contact the secretariat and ask for a meeting - write in the topic "Start of new student organization". We can't wait to see your activites on campus!

Check List: Questions to be answered

What is your idea? Who can particpate or what activities do you plan?

-  Have you found other students who share your interest ?

-  Do you plan to involve member fees, other types of payment, sponsor income or similar?

Ask for a meeting with CBS Students and make sure to read everything about the activity pool before the meeting.