Welcome to all the new students admitted to Copenhagen Business School - the greatest university in the world!

In August an amazing intro program will start for you as a new student, where you first of all will be introduced to CBS, the campus, the great social atmosphere and of course all your fellow students. Our great intro tutors have arranged intro schedueles filled with information, fun, new relations, interesting speakers, parties and much much more.

Beneath you can find the links to your intro program - be prepared for one of the greatest experiences of your life!

Further down you will important information about the Responsibility Day 02. september and also a few words on the welcome Book, R.U.S.H. 2013.

Danish programmes

BA i Engelsk og Organisationskommunikation 

BA i Europæisk Business Ny uddannelse 2013  

BA i Interkulturel Markedskommunikation

HA Almen Erhvervsøkonomi

HA(fil.) - Erhvervsøkonomi - filosofi  

HA(it.) - Erhvervsøkonomi - informationsteknologi

HA(jur.) - Erhvervsøkonomi - erhvervsjura  

HA(kom.) - Erhvervsøkonomi - virksomhedskommunikation  

HA(mat.) - Erhvervsøkonomi - matematik

HA pro. - Erhvervsøkonomi og projektledelse  

HA(psyk.) - Erhvervsøkonomi - psykologi

English Programmes

BA in Information Management  

BSc in Business Administration and Service Management  

BSc in Business Administration and Sociology

BSc in Business, Asian Language and Culture - Asian Studies Programme  

BSc in Business, Language and Culture  

BSc in International Business

BSc in International Business and Politics

Rush, the Welcome Book

By sendning you the R.U.S.H. 2013, CBS Students welcomes all the new students introducing them to what CBS is all about - this is hard to do just in a few words, so in stead we produced a whole intro book!

The R.U.S.H. book is a complete guide to everything worth knowing as a new student at CBS. With more than 20.000 students and over 1.300 employees, you’ll quickly realize that CBS offers endless possibilities and experiences. Start reading and realize how lucky you are, that you are now a part of this great university.

Responsibility Day, 02. september

Responsibility day is the first day first day of your new life as a business school student. On Monday 2 September, you will be welcomed by your programme director, your fellow students and CBS President. This is also a day where you will get to be inspired by one of Denmark’s most charismatic business leaders, and where you will be introduced to your future studies at CBS.

All this can be pretty overwhelming, but trust us; it is a day you don’t want to miss - so save the date.

We are excited to welcome you and the rest of the 2800 other new bachelor students starting at CBS this year!