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More than 80 organizations run by students - everything you desire! If you have a hobby that is not already represented, feel free to start your own!

At CBS it is very easy to engage in activities and clubs outside your teaching. Whether you do sports, want to improve your skills in finance or sing in a choir – CBS has a student organization where you can practise your hobbies with other students – from all of CBS’ programmes. We promise you that you won't regret engaging in extra curricular activities. The benefits are many - new friends and new experiences are just a few!

Studying at CBS is about so much more than the fantastic academic experience, and Student Society Day is the perfect way to see how exciting CBS’ extracurricular scene is.

The Network Booklet

Do you want to meet other students that share your special interest - or do you want to explore a whole new interesting and funny hobby? 

The Network Booklet should be seen as a directory of all the Students Organizations run by voluntary students at CBS.

The Booklet is made for you to get an overview and introduction to each of them. Visit their stall on Student Society Day or send them a mail !



Student Society Day

Throughout the year, there is events that you must attend as a student at CBS. Student Society Day is one of them! Packed with stalls showing the best and weirdest of CBS’ student life. This unic event takes place the third Thursday of September.

If you are a new student then Student Society Day is the place to truly kick-start your time at CBS by getting involved in the incredible range of student activities on offer.

If you are a Student Organization it's your main opportunity to attract new members and share your enthusiasm for what you do.

If you are a returning student it's one of the best way to discover some of the things that you might have missed.

Mads from CBS Mercury is one example of how CBS Students helps a student organization. Watch his video!