General Assembly

Dear students of CBS

CBS Students yearly General Assembly will take place on 5 December 2017, 16.30 SPs13.

The deadline for submitting your candidacy is, at the very latest, 21 November 2017, at 23:59

The general assembly is where you as a student have the possibility to here about what CBS Students have done for you in the past year and what our plan is for the future.

Furthermore, a very important part is the election of the new Presidency and Board of Directors.

The agenda for the assembly is as follows:
1. Appointment of conductor
2. Appointment of taker of the minutes 
3. Appointment of tellers
4. Organizational report.
5. Financial report 2017.
6. What’s next?
7. Budget 2018
8. Election of the Organizational Presidency
9. Election of Board members and alternates
10. Appointment of accountant
11. Any Other Business

Please note that the agenda may be subject to change.


The General Assembly has concluded and the following people will represent the students of CBS in 2018:

Jeppe Ask Tofteskov

Vice Presidents:
Djanour Issilam 
Sebastian Toft Bringstrup
Xander Coleman

Board of Directors:
Ditte Öhrström
Jonas Klint Westermann
Alexander Liebach Smedegaard
Clara Lindecrona
Jeppe Bay Tornvig
Lilla Toth
Mikkel Nielsen
Nima Tisdall
Peter Holt Thiesen
Thomas Skinnerup Philipsen
Michelle Lauge Nielsen

The full results can be found in the signed minutes.

// CBS Students