CBS Students Network

Together we are stronger!

How did you finance that big student-run seminar? What are the rules for events on campus? What is the activity pool? How to motivate volunteers? How to do the agenda for the General Assembly? How do you promote your activities most effectively at CBS? Do we have to pay VAT ?

This is just some of those questions that leaders of the student organizations face. No student organizations are alike, but the conditions and challenges are often the same as all activities are arranged within the context of CBS.

CBS Students Network brings together leaders from all student organizations to share knowledge. Also, by linking the different student organizations, fruitfull syngergies are initiated as the different organizations can help each other out: the Photoclub can take pictures at an event arranged by the Marketing club or the Marketing Club could help the Photoclub brand itself.

Finally, being in charge of a student organization is a demanding task that requires outstanding engagement to extra-curricular activities. The idea about the network is to bring together the passionate, visionary and engaged student leaders together to acknowledge their hard work, develop their leadership styles and stimulate their inspiration and motivation. CBS Students Network also constitutes an irreplacable personal and professional network that lasts much longer than your time at CBS.

Any voluntary Student Association at CBS is invited to join the Network Activities facilitated by CBS Students and individual volunteers from the network organizations.

Adding Value

The Student Life at CBS would be a lot duller and less engaging without the many voluntary organizations and associations. Just imagine!

The more options for extracurricular activities that is presented to the students, the better a University we have ! The CBS Students Network welcomes new initiatives and supports the established Associations. The network makes it easier, more fun and worth while for the individual to run and work for each of their own organization.

Working together in the CBS Students Network makes it possible to produce the CBS Students Society and Organization Booklet and executing the Annual Student Society Day.

Joined efforts and events

All student organizations are different. However, we all have an interest in engaging more students in extra-curricular activites and voluntary work. As a result, the network collaborates on a wide range of events and efforts such as Student Society Day and the Network Booklet. As well as conferences are held by 2 or 3 Associations together.

Also, once pr. semester, CBS Students invites all leaders of all student organizations to network meetings. This is a perfect occasion to discuss important topics, knowledge share and to get to know each other. The program is usually packed with relevant info, prominent guest speakers and the traditional social reception. The network meetings ususally take place in CBS' most exclusive venues.

CBS Students provides:

CBS Students facilitates the network and among other things offers:

- Invitations to exclusive network meetings

- Extra office space on campus

- Presence in the Network Booklet

- Participation in Student Society Day

- Formal and legal advice by CBS Students secretariat

- Easy application process to the Activity Pool

- Short cut to give inputs to CBS' management through CBS Students

How to join the network?

Almost all student organizations at CBS are part of the network. However, if you are representing a student organization, that is not yet being invited to the network meetings or enjoying the other benefits, then contact the to set up a personal meeting.

It is free for all student organizations to be a part of the network.

Every student organization is invited to an annual meeting with CBS Students presidency to evaluate the participation in the network. However, If you have a question or an issue, don't hesitate to call by the office or sending us an e-mail and we will get back to you soonest possible.