Activity Pool

Do YOU have a great idea for the study environment?

CBS Students encourages and supports students run activities because it adds value for CBS, the study environment and the students. For this reason we have managed to let CBS allocate an amount of 1,5 mio DKK to student driven activities. The comitee deciding which activities to support consists of students only.

So if you have a great idea, initiative or activity that will make CBS an even better place to be a part of, you should hurry up and apply for the CBS Students Activity Pool!

We encourage you to be creative and think big – let us show what a great study environment can look like!

Quicklinks to highly relevant documents:
Conditions and Process - Application Template - Final Report Template - Questions? Contact

Examples of Activities funded by the Pool

Event: Impact Management Seminars, Improve Your Grades

Initiated by: an individual student. Funds granted : 140.000 kr.

Activity: Student Network Booklet

Initiated by: The Network and CBS Students. Funds granted: 20.000 kr.

Event: Biking to Uganda

Initiated by: Building Tomorrow DK. Funds granted: 34.000 kr.

Activity : Investment in Multi Sport Track

Initiated by: CBS Sport. Funds granted: 73.000 kr.

Activity: Establishing CBS Photography

Initiated by: 3 students. Funds granted: 13.000 kr.

Activity: Rebranding

Initiated by: Marketing Lab. Funds granted: 19.000 kr.

And a lot of other Activities have been funded since beginning 2012.

Basic Criteria for Applying

First of all - the Activity is required to be initiated and driven only by voluntary CBS Students or Organizations and address/invite/include/benefit as many Students as possible.

Both Individual Students, Groups and Organization can Apply.

Secondly - the Activity or Event can be both academical or social/academical.

Thirdly - the Activity or Event shall take place or operate at CBS.

Also : the Funds are to be spent on what you have put into your budget and a report including a financial settlement is to be handed in after the event/activity has been exercised. 

Please NOTE that for example Daily Operation (drift), Repeated Activities, Alcohol and Food,  can not be supported by the Activity Pool.

Read Conditions and Application process carefully for detailed information on the conditions criteria and application process. 

CBS Students will help you plan your Activity to meet the requirements - please call by the office or send us an e-mail

How to Apply

The Activity Pool Comitee, consisting of Students only, will decide whether to grant funds to your Activity. The Comitee meets roughly once per month.

You can find the Application template here - Application template / Final Report Template

At the CBS Students Secretariat you are always welcome to seek further information, good advice and ideas for You Application. We wish to support as many activities at CBS as possible and will help you plan your activity to meet the requirements of the Activity Pool. Pass by the office or send us an e-mail